- CYCLOPS is a completely automatic in-line system for the inspection, evaluation and monitoring of spot welds via ultrasound and using artificial vision for position control.
  Spot Weld Evaluation – Ultrasonic Principles
    - Ultrasonic ECHOES are transmitted within a determined period of time.
    - ECHOES are reflected when a change occurs in the materials (metal, air, etc.).
    - Unconnected sheets produce a change in the medium and ECHO reflection.
    - Reflected ECHOES are analyzed to determine travelled distance.
    - Accordingly to the ECHO analysis we can determine the type of defect (burn, poorly welded or unconnected      spot).
  Application Main Screen
  Report Example
  Impact on cost savings
    - Man hours reduced to zero (inspection time and related training).
    - Reduction in off-line verification.
    - Faster identification of weld errors.
    - Reduction of stops in the production line.
    - Reduction of wastage.
    - Monitoring of the weld process.